Channel Letters


Channel letters

"One can buy style not Class. Class shows your DNA! "

Channel letters are currently the number one choice for storefront signage for successful branded businesses and retail/franchise chains since they are so effective – in catching the attention. Graphics & acrylic fascia can either be permanently mounted or removable for retail and kiosk applications.
Choosing the right channel letter signage gives your business a more upscale branded look. UMH is a specialist in making channel letter signs and our turnaround time is quick – we deliver in days not weeks. We also offer the widest range of options and build to your exact requirements – no matter how large or small the quantity. We offer the widest range of channel letter designs in UAE, in various typesettings and custom logos, and can also digitally print the faces to achieve any graphic effect you have designed.

We excel in the following
  • Standard Face-Lit Channel Letters
  • Open Face Channel Letters
  • Reverse Channel Letters
  • Logos
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