Indoor LED


Indoor advertising LED display screen.

As the market for Indoor LED Display continues to grow, we offer solutions that is more spectacular with deeper colors. Our Indoor LED Screen is easier to install and ensure long-life performance. UMH is a leading Indoor LED Display supplier company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Unexpected Benefits

Add vibrant & electrifying wave to indoor environments with LED visual solutions and make your mark. umh brings the customizable LED displays to unique applications including boardrooms, control rooms, marketing arenas etc. Our flexible, lightweight, and energy efficient modules can add up to create the LED solution , you can get a curved or straight video wall or single and double line tickers according dimensions.

Key Features

  • Best quality n Brightness.
  • Excellent picture Clarity.
  • Precise colour calibration & integration.
  • Energy-saving design.
  • Front Maintenance.
  • Inbuilt Receiver.
  • Remote Monitoring.
Indoor LED Display Application : Airports, Hotels, Sports complex, Retails Outlets, Malls
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