Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

UMH is one of the leading digital screen advertising companies in Dubai.

Convert your fleet into Rolling Billboards!

One of the most interesting ways to make your brand go places, night and day. Vehicle graphics are cost effective avenue to advertise. Cars, trucks, vans, public transport or an entire fleet of vehicles can be your medium of branding. During rush hour, in the parking lot or simply idling in a driveway, vehicle graphics is a very smart branding investment.
Vehicle wraps, the most evident form of vehicle advertising, can be achieved by simply pasting creatives as decals. These wraps can be changed, making it much less expensive to shift from one campaign to another. Vehicle with large, flat surfaces are fairly easy to work with, though smaller cars with curved surfaces can also become your brand ambassadors, literally.

"Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising – Thomas Babington Macaulay"

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