Flexible Screen


Flexible LED panel screen display.

UMH offers the best flexible LED panel screen display in UAE.

"Create Concave & Convex Display"

Flexible modules are the latest & innovative product which allows to create displays in concave & convex shape. It can easily fit into any background shape, while preserving all the properties of a normal Led screen. It consist of rubber led modules with magnetic anchor dots so you can stick them to any metallic surface and make any shape you like. You can create amazing patterns and designs, curved, round, free shape. Available pitches are 3 mm, 4mm, 5mm.It is ideal for use in concerts, TV studios, stage background, decoration and exhibitions.

  • Flexible display is made of high quality SMD Leds integrated into a special rubber module, showing a nice and clear image, just like a regular video screen
  • With a refresh rate of more than 1200 Hz, the image is flicker-free, suitable for professional applications,lightweight and small in volume,fast, easy and not costly installation
  • The display curtain is made of special rubber that can be coated to become waterproof.
  • It can be applied to achieve concave or convex display , making it suitable to all kind of irregular shapes, such as circles, columns, ellipses, triangles etc.
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